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“Have you been wondering if your current website is working for you – meaning, getting you more leads and referrals?
Do you not even have a web site and are not sure where to start?”
The # 1 thing your website should be doing for you if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur is…

Bringing in Qualified Leads and Building Your List
Grab this Free Audio Training: Secrets to Success With Your Website!
Your website should:
  •  Be easily found on the search engines
  •  Increase your traffic to your site 
  •  Increase your conversions (people who visit your site that sign up on your list) 
  •  Be updated regularly with new exciting content 
  •  Be professionally designed and maintained 
  •  Be fully user friendly 
  •  Increase your exposure in your local area or nationwide 
  •  Have the functionality that your users need and want 
  •  Be extremely attention getting on every page, especially the home page 
  •  Have a way for visitors to sign up on your list in order to build your database 
  •  Provide free resources to keep visitors coming back 
  •  Provide links and content that generate interest and repeat visits 
  •  Continue to build your relationship with your visitors, clients and prospects 
  •  Have an easy way to contact you 
  •  Tell your story and why you’re doing what you’re doing 
  •  Allow people to trust you and get to know you 
  •  Do 100 Million other things too…but you’ll have to contact me to find out more! 
Learn the important aspects of your site including: 
  •  The 9 things all small business owners need to have on their website 
  •  Plus the formula for writing a webpage that makes people take action
I have 2 business that I run and I needed to get some systems in place to make my businesses more fluid. She has taught me more than I could have ever known on my own and I love the way she challenges me and "kicks me in my butt" to get me moving in the right direction (I know that’s exactly what I needed!) I could not be where I am today in my business without her and her business savvy guidance. The one on one calls she offers are super helpful and she always keeps you on track. I would highly recommend Katrina if you need an extra "kick" in your business and if you want to make a lot of money doing what you are passionate about!
Darla Gale - CEO/Founder Heartstrings Counseling
                     Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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