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“Want Step-By-Step Proven Business and Marketing Trainings, Programs, and Resources to Help You Get More Clients and Customers FAST?” 
Webinars to Jumpstart Your Business
On this page you’ll find a few various webinar trainings – all do have a small investment as they are real trainings, not just fluffy hypy marketing webinars. They have very implementable content in them or they walk you through HOW to do the thing they talk about. Choose by topic and jumpstart your business and marketing today!
If you want more 1on1 help from me on how to implement any of this – go to my Coaching page and let’s get started! Good luck – I’m available if you need help!
Choose a product from below to get started today!
Marketing Basics for Consistent Cash Flow – $149 (this is the only one over $100 but it’s WAY worth it!)
Series of 3, 90 min webinar trainings with live participants including having written handouts and exercises to complete between webinars. This program really gets you INTO ACTION with your marketing!
You will learn:
How to SHIFT Your Business Models and Offerings So Your Prospects Jump at the Chance to Work With You!
How to Set up and Put Your Marketing & Lead Generation Tasks on Autopilot to Save You a TON of Time & Money!
You Will Walk Away with an Easy to Follow Marketing Guide, Checklists, Worksheets & More to Successfully Implement the RIGHT Marketing that will Work for YOUR Business!
How to Manage, Update & Use Your Biz Technology Webinar – $49
This webinar has already been recorded however you can access the recording immediately when you sign up!
Entrepreneurs ask me questions about how to use and maximize their WordPress website and their shopping carts or email marketing programs all the time.

These are the things that, if you put in place well and develop systems in, can save you a TON OF TIME in your business. PLUS they can make you a TON OF MONEY in the process if you know how to maximize them!

The STRATEGY behind your website and your online systems or technology is the most important part of why you have them. But most entrepreneurs DON’T KNOW ENOUGH about their systems – specifically your WordPress websites and your shopping cart.

Get the NEEDED TECHY TRAINING to empower you as a budding entrepreneur so that you can manage your business, systems, marketing and more more effectively!
Social Media 101 Webinar – $49
This webinar has already been recorded however you can access the recording immediately when you sign up!

In this 75 minute webinar training, Katrina will walk you through ONE of the BIGGEST marketing strategies to catapult your business IF YOU DO IT WELL… SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING! 

You see, it’s true… Most entrepreneurs are literally WASTING days of time if not months of valuable time doing the WRONG things on social media, not spending your time effectively and in many cases NOT sharing enough!
You’ve either got some doubts on how or if social media marketing will work to find YOUR prospects OR you just aren’t sure enough WHAT to do, therefore you aren’t doing it hardly at all.

Regardless of what business or industry you’re in you want to learn HOW to spend your time on social media, doing the things that will allow you to get paying customers right? You know it’s possible. You may have even taken some classes or trainings on how to manage your social media. Yet you’re still not doing it enough or you’re not doing it WELL enough to see RESULTS!

Let me show you WHAT to do and HOW to do it on this one-time webinar training!
You’ll learn:
  • The #1 thing you want to spend your time doing on social media to start seeing an immediate increase in your profits
  • Step-by-step of what to do when you decide which sites you’ll be on and how to manage them each week
  • How and what to delegate so you can reach thousands of prospects every month instead of just a handful or few dozen
  • Where to get more information on other marketing strategies to be doing and how to them also so that you can finally have a smooth-running, moneymaking machine of a business.
Big Picture Business & Marketing Calendar Planning – $49
Are You Tired of Working Really Hard in Your Small Business and Want a Business & Marketing Plan That Will Finally Attract More Clients, Make You More Money AND Put Your Marketing on Autopilot?
In this 90 minute webinar training, Katrina walks you through how to look at your business on an annual basis and how to plot out your big launches, new programs, speaking gigs, live events you host and the ones you attend and so much more in order to have more of a smooth-running and PROFITABLE YEAR.

Kat does this type of planning herself every year for herself and most of her coaching clients. It will help you see the BIG PICTURE and then also the nitty gritty of what needs to get done to make your big goals happen.
Relationship Marketing – 2 Part Webinar Training – $57 (Includes BONUS PRODUCT: Tradeshow Networking Tool Kit!)
Relationship Marketing Is The Key To Attracting More Clients and Making More Money In This Economy

Tired of being the best kept secret in your industry?

Catapult your business into a hugely successful and profitable business this year by transforming yourself into the Go-To-Gal (or Guy) for your industry or organization.
Katrina built her business on networking and follow up and she’s going to teach you the systems and tips she uses still to this day so that you can better implement these low cost marketing strategies into your business with ease.

Why you want to attend this presentation and what you’ll get out of it:

Get out of the overwhelm you’re in or guilt your feeding yourself and learn a way to actually get all your follow up done including what to say, send, write or call about.

Learn ways to build and manage more quality relationships with clients, prospects, leads, referrals and everyone you come in contact to – online or off.
Not sure what to buy or what you need now to jumpstart your business? Then sign up to talk with me in a complimentary business strategy session today! We can see where you are and what you need to do to get where you want to go faster! 
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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the program and its potential. The testimonials and the examples used are exceptional results and they don’t apply to the average attendee or purchaser. These testimonials and are not intended to represent nor guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or the similar results. Your individual success depends on your background, your dedication, your desire, and your motivation. There is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.
Copyright © 2017 · K. Sawa Marketing International Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2017 · K. Sawa Marketing International Inc. - All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2017 · K. Sawa Marketing International Inc.
All Rights Reserved
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