"I doubled my income in my business in the first 8 months!”

- Darla Gale, Heartstrings Counseling
Free Webinar:  Make More Money 
Doing What You Love 
While Getting Out of Overwhelm
Join me LIVE July 7th to hear the RIGHT WAYS to Authentically Present Yourself and Your Ideas, Products & Services to New & Repeat Buyers Will Magnetically Attract to You for More Sales!
I'm Going to Cover 3 Things on this Webinar:
1.  My story of how I went from working WAY too hard not making the money I deserved.... to doing absolutely what I LOVE, making great MONEY while getting rid of overwhelm

2.  The myths that you’ve been led to believe by others about what it takes to make more money doing what you love and getting out of overwhelm

3.  The 3 keys for you to getting off to a fast start to making more money doing what you love and getting out of overwhelm
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What Our Customers are Saying...

“Katrina’s step by step process takes the overwhelmed feeling away.”

- Helen Justice, Geriatric Care Manager

"I was extremely overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do and where to start."

- Sonia Shafazand, Realtor & Life Coach

"I earned more money this January than I have in any month in the past 9 years – over $25,000!” 

- Linda Allred, The Bad Habit Breaker / Hypnotist

“I've gotten two new clients from my website in the last two months!” 

- Lucas Roy Lehman, Coach & Speaker

"Before I met Katrina, I would never have thought I could do this, but she prompted me to keep taking steps, whether I thought I could or not!"

- Miranda Mathewson, the Fitness Coach for Entrepreneurs
Your Host: Award Winning Speaker, Business Coach & Author, Katrina Sawa

JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Katrina Sawa, kicks her clients & their businesses into high gear, turning their inspiration and ideas into smooth-running, moneymaking businesses. Katrina is the creator of the Jumpstart Your Marketing® & Sales System, award-winning coach and author of Love Yourself Successful.

She inspires, motivates and educates women entrepreneurs in her annual events, virtual bootcamps, free webinars and video trainings plus one-on-one coaching. She loves helping entrepreneurs develop leveraged strategies, market and monetize more plus teach the “how-to” of what you need to grow your business FAST.
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10 am PST / 1 pm EST
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